16 Sep 2016
This week the children were given the opportunity to prepare our garden beds for the warmer seasons. We discussed the different things that plants needed to grow, and then planted carrot, tomato, raddish, sunflower and bean seeds in the garden. After we did the planting, the dolphin children were invited to create a collage which looked at the different parts of a flower including the roots, stem and petals.
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16 Sep 2016
We got the best cook at our kindy!
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29 July 2016
we love face painting and pajama day!!!
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26 July 2016
We had an absolutely terrific day today, playing lots of great fun games, making delicious chocolate (cacao) and banana smoothies, playing funny sleeping games, pillow case racing and Pyjama collage! Phhhewwww… all this fun is making us sleepy 😀
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19 July 2016
Yoga class!!!
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14 July 2016
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7 July 2016
Sleeping angel in angelfish room!
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2 July 2016
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17 June 2016
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10 June 2016 
Smiling faces!!!
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7 June 2016

Sensory play… We love our messy play!

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3 June 2016
We are making our own afternoon tea-blue berry cupcake, Yeah!!!
DSCF8173 DSCF8179 DSCF8181 DSCF8184 DSCF8186 DSCF8189 DSCF8196 DSCF8204 DSCF8206 DSCF8213

29 February 2016

In time for Easter, we had some eggs and chickens visit our preschool.

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18 February 2016

Many thanks to the fire fighters from Ryde fire station came to our preschool today. The children were so excited and it was a great way to reinforce the fire safety messages we have been teaching.

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15 February 2016

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Coloured dyes and natural materials. A great way to build a respect for nature, sensory integration and fine motor skills. Marble painting with edicol dyes is a great way to develop turn-taking, following directions, reinforcing colour labelling and matching and a sensory experience all in one.


13 January 2016

Continual improvements at Creative Learning Preschool. Over the summer holidays, the preschool was divided into two rooms to allow us to further focus on the education and care of the different age groups.

10632589_1544859162508846_6522244175362846634_n 12509738_1544859129175516_197534034763443271_n 12549002_1544859179175511_5322186619566375833_n 12565510_1544859202508842_1780512105831970967_n

9 October 2015

Birthday party for Mr Teddy. We played parachute games, duck, duck, goose, balloon games, crocodile, crocodile & read stories. We had a teddy bear’s picnic too. Earlier in the day, the children cooked batches of cupcakes for everyone to share. We got to decorate these cupcakes with friends and family and then eat them together! It was so great to see so many families join us.

'Icing and decorating cupcakes.'
'Ballon games...'
'So many smiles.'Creative Learning Child Care Centre's photo.


On Saturday 12th September, we had our first open day. It was so lovely to have everyone share the day with us. We had face painting, a puppet show, morning tea and free play. We talked about the changes that have been made at the centre in the last 10 weeks, including our wonderful new staff, program and renovations. We had a raffle, and there were 3 lucky prize winners.
It was a great opportunity to spend some one on one time with families – old and new. We had perfect weather for the event, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.


10 Sep 2015

Yesterday we had the dentist and the dental nurse from Prevent Dental come out and talk to the children about how to keep our teeth and our bodies healthy. They showed us how to brush our teeth properly, and what foods and drinks are healthy for us and our teeth. One of our older children got up and the dentist role played what a real visit to the dentist would be like, so that we won’t be scared because we will know what to expect. We had a great time!


9 Sep 2015

Plenty of action in the garden today. We planted some corn, more beetroot, lettuce, lavender, strawberries and beans. Then we watered the garden. It’s looking terrific now!


24 Aug 2015

Group times are a great opportunity for intentional teaching. In the past few weeks we have looked at healthy and unhealthy foods; dental health; emotions and positive ways to deal with these; informal forms of measurement; and the life cycle of a frog. This week we will be growing our own sprouts, and then in a few weeks when the morning frosts have stopped, we will make our own garden. We will grow corn, sunflowers and pumpkins. The children will be so excited!